How To Use The Affiliate Program Directory

It offers you resources for associates. You can review the programs that are 15, by using an affiliate program directory.

The affiliate program directory offers tips for associates, sent to your email by newsletters. Whichever choice you find suitable can be made by you. With an affiliate program directory you can make comparisons between companies and offers, thus choosing the most rewarding for you and your budget. You can browse through the companies that offer you possibilities for getting into the online business. You can see their offers and make your choice.

The affiliate program directory helps you find out whats right and to look at the offers. You can log in and see the forums and post comments to ask people about a particular company’s businesses. I am able to get various responses to your query, thus ensuring yourself that you have of looking at companies and their offers the best perspective.

You could always find as many offers as you desire for working online. The affiliate program directory can be used to provide you with clear ideas about each companys offers , thus ensuring that you will not get deceived by someone. Use this tool as a way to get you and show you that offers are the best. An affiliate program directory is a priceless toolPsychology Articles, where you can avail of to get what you want from your online business partners.

Why Is Directory Submission So Important?

Submitting your site to a directory means it”usually” is reviewed by a human for quality and importance then categorized based on the websites content. One of the advantages from a users point of view is that due to this intervention, they will most likely receive listings that are relevant to there search. Your advantage as a Webmaster is for the exact same reason, whenever someone clicks through from a directory to your site you can be sure (if categorized properly in the database) that your site contains information that person is looking for.

Top Free Internet Directory Article Website Fast Approval

Top Free Internet Directory Article Website Fast Approval


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Kali Linux – Dirb – Website Page and Directory Discovery Bruteforce

Kali Linux – Dirb – Website Page and Directory Discovery Bruteforce

Bruteforcing website pages and directories on Kali Linux with’dirb’.

DIRB v2.22
By The Dark Raver

========================= NOTES =========================
Url_base: Base URL. (Use -resume for session resuming)
wordlist_file(s) : List of wordfiles.

======================== HOTKEYS ========================
‘n’ – Go to directory.
‘q’ – Stop scan. (Saving state for resume)
‘r’ – scan stats.

======================== OPTIONS ========================
-a agent_string: Establish your custom USER_AGENT.
-c cookie_string: Set a cookie to your HTTP request.

-H header_string: Add a customized header to the HTTP request.
-I: Use search.
-l: Insert”Location” header when found.
-N nf_code: Ignore responses.
-o output_file: Save output to disk.
-p [:port]: Use this proxy.
-P proxy_username:proxy_password : Proxy Authentication.
-r: Don’t search recursively.
-R: Interactive recursion.
-S: Silent Mode. Don’t show tested words.
-t: Don’t force an ending’/’ on URLs.
-u username:password : HTTP Authentication.
-v: Show also NOT_FOUND pages.
-w / Don’t stop on WARNING messages.
-X extensions / -x exts_file.
-z millisecs: Add a milliseconds delay to not cause excessive Flood.

======================== EXAMPLES =======================
Dirb http://url/directory/ (Simple Test)
Dirb http://url/ -X .html (Test files with’.html’ extension)
Dirb http://url/ /usr/share/dirb/wordlists/vulns/apache.txt (Evaluation with apache.txt wordlist)
dirb https://secure_url/ (Simple Test with SSL)

Medbanner Health Article Directory

“;, is one of the latest article directory for Health Care and Medically related posts. As an extension of this Medbanner Network, the article directory will gain additional exposure though our network medical and health care sites which we think makes us quite unique.  We’re looking for as many writers that specialize in this area or write health care or medical articles to submit to us.  We’re set up for quick approval in this beginning stage.Since 1999, The MedBanner Exchange Network has enabled medical websites to attract target audiences to their websites for free.  By boosting having member websites banners and having their banner ads medical websites for traffic that is free each party gains they would not ordinarily have.   Through our text and banner exchange program that is picture the entire process is automatic and allows members keep competitors from revealing and to control what types of websites are on their site.  We’re completely free of charge to our members.  Our member sites cover all aspects of health area and the healthcare, from medical recruiting companies Healthcare job boards billing sites, health care portals and other categories of websites.   Medical Article DirectoryWe believe that makes this directory unique in that there’ll be traffic directed to these posts from people within the health care industry.  The directory itself is standard except that we are not accepting automatic submissions of articles from any source.  We will edit all posts to guarantee quality and uniqueness of the content.  Readers can leave comments on writers and posts can get those comments from the dashboard area. All of the categories are health care or health, in the moment we have There are 35 categories where articles can be printed:Allergy – Asthma, Alternative, Beauty,Blood, Circulatory, Bones, Joints, Cancer, Cardiology, Childrens Health, Dental Health, Diabetes, Diet, Disabilities, Endocrinology, ENT, Eye Health, Gastrointestinal, Genetics, Infectious Disease, Mens Health, Mental Health, Neurology, Pain, Respiratory, Senior Health, Skin Health, Sleep Disorders, Teen Health, Urology, Womens Health, Misc Medical, Health Insurance, Medical Billing, Medical Equipment, Medical Jobs,  however we’re open to suggestions.As with all directories we’re only interested in unique articles with a minimum of 500 words.  We assess each article as it’s submitted, which adds to the workload.  In the future this extra effort taken on each article’s editing and approval will pay off.  Currently articles are approved by us within two days.  We will allow links to be submitted by writers within the field at the end of eacharticle as long as they are not to spam, porn or illegal sites that are related. We will assess and as always, anyone not following these guidelines will have all posts. Because of our long history on the existing customer base and the internet this directory will become big and valuable to all we feel. Finally, we’re not charging for submitting your articles to this directory, we’re not charging for improved placement, we don’t make you run the gauntlet of banner ads for web hosting services to put your articles,  this directory is as free as the exchange is.


Robert Truog is the founder of Medbanner, Inc in 1999. 

WordPress Website Tutorial – Adding a Listing

WordPress Website Tutorial – Adding a List in a Directory

Welcome to another JC Sweet Tutorial, now we’ll be showing you how to add a listing to your WordPress Website’s Directory.

To start, log on to the back of your WordPress site. This can be done by typing in your url with /wp-admin in the end of it (

When on the main menu look to the left hand side, in WordPress. A list of plugins and menus will be featured. Find the one which has a bookshelf and states directory.

From here, click add listing. Keep in mind that feel and the look of this directory will change depending on how your developer has set up your plugin.

Add all if you have customers, I recommend having them send their information to you and keeping it in an excel file for fast access.
Once adding the information all you need to a listing publish. You may then click”Add new listing” to continue adding listings until your directory is assembled.

Thanks for watching this WordPress tutorial. Be sure to subscribe to our station for site tutorials, and check our website out for a number of our work!

Produce a Company Presentation website for multiple directory marketing, import export…

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Kali Linux – Scan Website Directory using Websploit

Kali Linux – Scan Website Directory using Websploit

This movie is for educational purposes only!
Tutorial by R34P3R // Terminatio Team
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