Moderate Website Content – Training Workshop for Directory Software

Moderate Site Content – Training Workshop for Directory Software


Webinar Wednesdays – Week 34 – Outstanding Directories Webinars (2.21.2018)

Thank you for joining Brilliant Directories’ co-founder, Jason Haloossim, Marketing Consultant, Patrick Brunelle, and Senior Directory Coach, Gabriel Solis, for the thirty-fourth variant of Webinar Wednesdays! This webinar was recorded on February 21, 2018.

This webinar covers topics
– 2:30 – Contest of the Week
– 4:17 – Free Gift (EXPIRED): Burn Cost by Category add-in:
– 7:22 – How to feature members in your homepage
– 21:33 – Moderate that member posts get published on your website
– 27:50 – Using affiliate solutions
– 33:48 – How to offer free membership accounts to students
– 41:38 – Getting your Brilliant Directories billing account
– 42:57 – Block the IP address of certain members
– 45:48 – Future upgrades to”Manage Posts” admin area
– 46:57 – Displaying Google AdSense ads on your website
– 51:58 – Effectively upscale your local directory site to cover a greater area
– 1:00:47 – Eliminate”Posted on” date from posts and lengthen article preview text

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Submitting To A Website Directory

The world wide web has become one of the ways to advertise and sell products for a small business. While the most popular way was a search engine submission, the big player out there now is the submission of sites to website directories to construct links and traffic.

Directories get a good quantity of traffic and because of your page this makes an elevated likelihood of people. The more directories you submit to, the better chance you have of exposing your website to a wider audience.

There are thousands of different website directories on the internet. The best way is to find website directories that target your website’s topic. If your site is medically based, finding a based website directory to submit your site to would be a lot better than to publish your site. Since the search topic is narrowed down this in turn will help boost traffic to your website.

Submitting your site to website directories that are smaller respected is just a few steps away from getting in such as MSN, Yahoo and Google. Indexing your site into as many site directories as you can gets your site exposure to much online traffic at the same time increasing the way your website is ranked in these search engines. Usually, the more links a search engine follows to your site, the higher it will rank your website in the results of it.

When submitting your site to a website directory there are many things that you should know before doing so:

1. Try not to submit your website to hundreds of website directories within a moment.

2. Make sure hand does your directory submissions. Your website will be banned by websites if they are done through an automated service.

3. Keep track of which directories you submit your site to. This is helpful so you don’t accidentally submit your page to the site directory more than once. This can negatively effect whether your website is accepted or eliminated from a directory.

4. Make sure that when you submit your site to a site directory, you read the rules and or guidelines so you are able to guarantee a more productive and better experience.

5. Submit your site to the category that closely relates to your subject or it will not be accepted.

Directories are a great way to get visitors and build incoming links. Using good judgment and patienceFree Articles, website directories might be a excellent way to get your business the publicity it deserves.

Business Reviews – Leverage Reviews For Your Directory Website

Business Reviews – Leverage Reviews To Your Directory Website

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Making SEO Effective Through Article Submission Service

Search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing use article submission service links to determine value and the popularity of a web site. If you are currently working on a new website, or even an older one, and wish to improve the search engine rankings of your website, article submission can be used by you as an search engine optimization tool that is effective.

Gaining links that are of high quality is merely one aspect of search engine optimization. Other advantages gained through proper optimization of a website include higher search rankings, increase in traffic routing, brand management, internet presence and traffic conversion.

All these can be accomplished by regularly and submitting high quality articles regarding your business and niche on quality article submission websites and directories. These directories cater to a varied and huge audience and work as an article database. The benefit of submitting on an article directory is that you’re currently reaching a wider public in a time.

It stays true for article submission websites however, there’s one difference: article submission websites are mostly niche and instead of reaching to a wider audience, you will most likely receive a traffic that is far more relevant. Though, whether or not you submit to an article directory or a submission website, higher traffic and important links is going to be a sure deal for you.

Although, you must keep in mind that not all article submission website/directories allow you to place your links in the content body. This is done in order to discourage self marketing and to increase user experience on the website. Therefore, do you keyword research thoroughly and place your keywords in the content title and body strategically to better use SEO to your articles.

These services allow you to promote yourself and your company in author resource box or the author bio at the article’s end. They can click on the link given, In case you’ve written something enlightening and readers find it valuable. This link is chiefly directed to the homepage of a website, but it’s far superior to links because the more traffic your internal pages get, the higher odds of rankings you will enjoy.

Just make sure not to spam these article submission service because it will not only get your account banned from that particular website/directory, but will also get your post erased from their database, which in turn means you will lose any backlinks that were gained through those articles.

1. You could include names, phonenumbers, addresses, etc..

2. EBook of Reviews – Publish an ebook of stuffthat’s related to your target audience which you couldreview like products, web sites, movies, etc..

3. Round Table Chat – You could schedule a groupchat of people your clients would want to meetand talk to on the Internet.

4. Alerts – Allow your customersto sign up .

As soon as you find out news that could affect their lives.

5. Statistics eReport – You can compile a reportof distinct statistics that are associated with their purchase.They could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc..

6. Personal Notes eFile – Collect notes which you’vetaken about your business and compile them into adownloadable file.

7. Profile eBook – Publish a profile ebook or reportof people your target audience are interested in.

8. E-mail Lessons – Teach a class via abouta subject your clients would want to learn.

9. Sample – Give clients afree sample of another product as a bonus. It couldbe a basic version, excerpt, restricted serviceComputer Technology Articles, etc..

10. To Do List or Directions – Publish a listing ofinstructions or things to do in order to accomplishthe goal your clients would want to complete.

India's Company Listing Site and Business Directory – Indyapages

India's Best Company Directory and Company Listing Site – Indyapages

Indyapages is the best India Business Directory and Company listing web portal serving to B2B, B2c, manufacturers, business owners, shop owners, retailers, freelancers, service providers, trade professionals to record their company information, contact information, products and services, company profile etc. from ints online directory. The website also provides Free ads posting, free classifieds, blog etc.. Basic listing is free with Indyapages, for premium features members can upgrade with a small fee. Join today

Wholesale Supplier Directory – Get Immediate Information


To understand relating to this directory, which is extremely essential to know first about who is a broker? A trader is a person who is engaged in selling and buying of products and services in bulk from manufacturers and sold to retailers or other retailers in little quantities. This is true for all those people who want to purchase property for anything else or company, perhaps on a large-scale. With the guidance of these directories, finding a trader at a price that is low becomes a simple task. One advantage of this wholesale provider directory is that it provides their products in addition to a list of suppliers and services. It follows that there are choices from which you can choose the one which you think will have the ability to meet with needs, available for you. The problem occurs from where these directories can be found by you that?  A directory of wholesale suppliers is the best source for searching for these suppliers. A suppliers directory provides the true and genuine information from leading suppliers. By sitting at any part of the world and that at any time It is easy to contact to these traders. Aside from this, such catalogs also gives an alternative to select any provider throughout the globe. With the support of directories you will have the ability to access to all other traders around the world’s information and details. You can trust by developing a new retail company, which can be extremely tough for you to find providers. Find a provider for your company can become a bottleneck at the beginning of your enterprise. You may miss a chance due to the loss of time is priceless. This affects your company in a variety of ways and is a formidable task requiring time. But don’t worry. A directory of suppliers could be useful for you. These indexes and catalogs save time and effort and provides correct and precise information regarding suppliers. If you’re a new wholesaler and looking for a platform where you can get global recognition, then you need to go to any site online now and register for it.For more information to wholesale provider directory.


Sarah Ashlin is a professional author on business marketing, and here she’s shared information regarding Suppliers Directory. If you want know more about B2B trade, simply visit

Submitting Your Site To The Open Directory

Getting your site an optimum listing in the Open Directory ( is vitally important as far as search engine positioning is concerned as Google gives a lot of importance to sites being listed in the Open Directory.

In this article, we concentrate on how you can get your site an optimum listing in the Open Directory. If your site is already listed in the Open Directory, you should read this report to discover how you can get multiple listings.

Also, check for grammatical errors and typos. Furthermore, your site must provide good content. If your site simply contains links to various affiliate programs, you will find it hard to get through. The Open Directory doesn’t mind sites containing links to affiliate programs.

You now have to pick the two most important keywords for your site based on their popularity. If you don’t yet know the keywords which are applicable for your site, take a look at my article on”Choosing the correct keywords for your site”, available at In this article, I have mentioned that while selecting the keywords for your site, you should look at both the popularity of the keywords in addition to their competitiveness. For the purpose of this report, don’t worry about the competitiveness – select keywords only on the basis of popularity.

We now discuss how you should write the Title and Description of your site’s listing. You don’t actually have much choice regarding the Title as the Open Directory insists that the Title be the official name of your site. There’s absolutely no way around it.

Your aim should be to make the Open Directory editor’s job as easy as possible when you write the description. You should not give the editor the feeling that he/she wants to edit your description at all. The moment an editor starts to edit your description, you risk having your keywords removed from your description.

Your description should be a single sentence which conveys what your site is all about and contains. However – the description that you use should be a proper sentence and should be correct.

Broadly, here are the rules that you should remember when forming the description:

I) Make sure the description can tell a visitor what your site is all about. Things like”Have a look at our site” or”Welcome to my site” doesn’t tell a visitor what your site does.

Ii) Avoid hype of any sort.

Iii) Don’t capitalize every word in your description – capitalize only the first word. Needless to say, if some of the words in the description are proper nouns, then you should capitalize them.


V) Don’t make your description too long – limit yourself to 15 words at the most. If you are lucky, you may be able to get accepted with a description longer than 15 words.

vi) Check your description for typos and grammatical mistakes.

vii) End your description with a period. If the editor has to add the period to the end of your description, she may also end up editing the description, which isn’t what you want. Your goal is to have the editor accept the exact description that you had written to ensure that your keywords are not removed from the description.

We come to how you can choose the right category for your site. Proceed to the Open Directory, and search for the two keywords you have established. Does a particular category come up at the top for the keywords? If so, go to that class, and see whether the sites present in the category are similar to yours. Also see whether that category has a Description or a FAQ. Read them and find out whether that category is applicable for your site. If so, this is the category you should submit your site to.

If different categories come up at the top for the two keywords, go through all the categories and discover which is the most appropriate category among the different categories.

For some keywords, you will realize that the Open Directory doesn’t display any categories. In this case, determine which category most of the best sites belong to and submit your site to that category, assuming it is applicable for your site.

As soon as you have selected the correct category, click on the”add URL” link at the top. Type in the address of your site the name of your site in the text box, the description that you have earlier developed in the fourth text box. Although the Open Directory says that including the email address is optional, I would recommend that you include it – if, for some reason, your site isn’t accepted, the Open Directory editor may want to tell you why your site has not been accepted.

If your site is not accepted, what to do

After submitting your site, go to the category where you have submitted your site every day and see when your site gets listed. It may so happen that you were placed in a category that is different, if you realize that your site isn’t in that category. Type in your domain name in Open Directory’s search box and see whether your site comes up in the results. I have seen some sites getting accepted within 1 day and some sites in about 2-3 weeks.

If your site has not been listed after three weeks it to the exact same category and wait for another three weeks. Then take a look at your site again if your site is not accepted. Does it provide good content? Does it have any spelling or grammatical errors?

If you are absolutely convinced that your site is eligible for being accepted by the Open Directory, then the fact that your site is not being accepted may signify one of two things:

I) The editor of that category is inactive, i.e. he/she has not been reviewing sites for quite a long time.

Ii) He/she is your competitor, and doesn’t wish to list you.

In this case, the first step is to write to this category’s editor. Scroll down to which you are trying to submit your site and click on the name of the editor. If that category doesn’t have an editor, go to the category above that in the hierarchy. For instance, suppose you are trying to submit to the Computers: Consultants: Business Systems category. At the time of writing of this report, that category did not have an editor. In this case, you need to go to the Computers: Consultants category and click on one of the editors there. Tell her that you have been trying to submit your site and you have been unsuccessful. Ask her as to whether there are any mistakes that you are making and whether she would be kind enough to point out the mistakes to you so that you may correct them.

If, after two weeks, you don’t receive any reply from the editor and are not accepted into the Open Directory, then look and submit your site to this category.

If you have already got your site listed in the Open Directory, you may try and get your site some additional listings in it. Begin by selecting two keywords which are different from the keywords you selected. Then try and locate another category which is applicable for your site and submit your site there with a new description which contains.

You may be able to find a listing in this class, especially if the editor of this class is different from the editor of the category where your site is listed, if you are lucky. Again, if the second category to which you wish to submit your site is a regional category (i.e. a category applicable to the geographical region in which your organization is located), that again improves your chance of getting a second listing. Alternately, if you were originally listed in one of the regional categories, then getting your site listed in one of the categories is also possible, assuming that the products or services you are selling are not intended for a regional market only.

However, you have a far better chance of getting a second listing if you submit one of the internal pages of your site to a different category (assuming you can locate a category which is applicable for that particular page), rather than again submitting the home page. Submitting an internal page has the benefit that the Title no longer has to be the official name of your site. This allows you to include keywords. Before submitting one of the internal pages of your site, you need to change the title of this page (here, by”title”, I mean the Title tag of the page, i.e. the Title that is displayed at the top of the browser window when the page is opened) to the Title that you want the page to be listed under in the Open Directory. This improves the chance that the Open Directory editor will accept the title that you had submitted.

HoweverScience Articles, don’t go overboard with submitting internal pages – you can be penalized for spamming. Don’t start submitting any doorway pages that you have created – they will be rejected. Any internal page that you submit must provide some unique content and must be relevant to the category to.