How To Do Manual Directory Submission?


As simple as submitting your site to directories may sound, the
process is rather complex, at least more than you could think, and
it will be a time consuming task
In order to get started with this quite boring and time
consuming process, you’ll need to create a list of appropriate directories you can submit your site to.A short list is pretty
useless so you should definitely try to submit to 300 or more
directories to find the wanted result.Your web-site is probably about
products you sell or services you offer and will fit into specific
categories which are listed online directories also.
One of the things you’ll be looking for when selecting the
web directories is if the directory have a category that is suitable
for your service.If you don’t have any idea at all how to begin, type’directories’ in the bigger search engines, such as Google, see which
titles will come up and begin with these.Wikipedia also has a list of
general and specialist web directories.
It is important the web directories you pick are SEO
friendly.During your search for web directories you will come across
directories which aren’t SEO-friendly, needless to state they’re not worth your attention. Your primary target of the entire submission
process is to acquire valuable links in the conclusion which simply won’t happen if you pick out web directories which aren’t SEO-friendly. Also
check where the links are directed to, they should always go to your
site and if they don’t it is a redirect,they are redirects and they
are of no value to you.
Assuming you paid attention to each of the preceding steps, take
your list of selected directories as it’s time to begin the
process of manual directory submissions.We
already spoke about the importance of appropriate categories; submit
your site to directories which contain the correct category for your
product or service.

Next, a entry form will appear on your computer screen to satisfy your manual directory entry.
On every one of these submission forms, you’ll be asked to fill in a title,
a description, an URL and an email account, and occasionally some
additional details depending on the directory you are submitting
to.First you will study the guidelines of each directory as they have
their own criteria and if you don’t follow them, your entry will
be declined without any explanation by the editor of the directory.
There are many methods of payment for directories.Nothing comes
for free in this world and the same is true for great directories but you
have a couple of options to choose from.Submitting to paid directories
is one method of achieving the results. Free web directories normally have the option to make a payment to, but they aren’t suggested. How
many times you pay is totally up to you: you can subscribe monthly, pay
annually or pay the entire bill at once.Why you may want to pay for
the submissions, other than the fact that you will find a quick review,
is because of the position you’ll receive from the directory.While you can
as well go for free submissions, even though the reviewing time will be
longer, they are in fact free and you can do hundreds of these.
The form will ask you for a few more details.The titles to
begin with, keep it short and simple, but try to sum up the concept of
the web-site. If you struggle with the ideal length of your title; 45
characters is a fantastic average; over 55 characters is too long.The
URL section should be your homepage.Your web-site should be complete
before you can even think about submitting, which means that you should at least
have an up-and-running domain and substantial content.You can make certain to be rejected
The description field is not to promote your services and products but should describe in about 250 characters what
it is you do or sell.In your description you need to enter the same
key words as the ones you would expect your visitors to enter in when
they’re searching.
Each directory will ask you to enter a private name and an
email account, but don’t use a free email account.A hotmail or a gmail
account is not very professional and will in most cases be rejected by
web directories; ideally, you’ve got an email address that is related to
your site.
You need to be careful with automated submissions.To verify
that you are doing a manual entry, you’ll need to type in a code
which is to you in the shape.
The reciprocal URL is not the best option to choose, but if
you want it anyway this is how you get it.This is the Reciprocal URL.
If you chose the option’Regular Link with Reciprocal’ then you need to
copy and paste the link they give you to a location on your site, and then
copy your web-sites URL and paste it in the’shared URL’ field.
This entire process of submitting your site manually may seem time consuming and boring, but it’s well worth it if you want to
maintain your web-site at a professional way.As discussed before, the
fact that it can have a long time before you receive a review and the
different rules that are set by the different web-directories can make
it quite frustrating, especially once you find out that not all the directories will accept your submission.You could end up spending so
much time getting it right that you wonder why you started doing it in
the first place rather than hiring a professional manual directory submission service where well-trained people can submit your site for you.


Michiel Van Kets was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, but currently living in Phuket, Tahiland. Luminous Co, ltd offers an unique service
with Western SEO-experts and management, supported by the local Thai staff.

Search Engine Optimization And Website Promotion In Canada

Many Canadian websites do not show up as being in Canada! Just putting your address on your site is not sufficient. The website optimization process must take into account how a search engine decides where your site is and what it is about mechanically.

Most these search engines are accessed through versions 4, 5 and 6 of Internet Explorer web browser search assistant. Internet Explorer is used by 94% of all Internet surfers.

These search engines are considered the most important since they create in excess of 93% of all searches.

Web site marketing in Canada has shifted considerably over the past decades. A few years ago, search engine”robots” crawled the internet searching for websites to fill their content.

With the increase of websites on the Internet, it’s more difficult to get listed and rank high in the search engines. It’s critical for web site owners to consider having an online advertising strategy that increases visibility and drive targeted traffic to their web site.

For Canadian businesses, having a website and not employing website marketing is like having a sale but not marketing it. Who’s going to come? Hardly any men and women! It’s exactly the same with a site.

Competition on the Internet is fierce. To get the most from their websites, Canadian businesses will need to utilize effective web site promotion and Internet marketing solutions to get maximum website exposure.

Website promotion in Canada is not an exact science but an art, and since the search engines are constantly making changes to the algorithms they use to rank web pages, there’s no one solution that fits one and all sites.

But if done correctly, it can have a profound effect on profits… there are many, many successful companies out there whose sole source of income is their web site.

These companies know and understand exactly what Internet Marketing is all about. They’re committed to implementing successful strategies for the long-term… your company must start thinking the exact same way.

It’s sensible to remember that this can also be very targeted traffic that is coming from people searching for specific info in canada about the customer’s area of merchandise or services.

Consequently clients can expect to see a corresponding increase in related Web queries.

Web site promotion in Canada is a continuous process. As opposed to simply recreating a site, we offer long term services that will maintain your site and optimize it for search engines, so you will always be in the eye of your customers.

I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

What Is A Traffic Exchange And How Do They Work?

A traffic exchange is a website or a service that basically lets business owners submit their website to a directory.  They earn credits for traffic by viewing the websites and advertisements of different websites.  It is set up as a type of barter or credit based system.  Traffic exchanges place your product or service in front of new prospects that you may not have attained by any other means.

A traffic exchange is a website or a service that basically lets business owners submit their website to a directory.  They earn credits for traffic by viewing the websites and advertisements of different websites.  It is set up as a type of barter or credit based system.  By way of instance, if you view 3 websites then 15 people will be told to view your website. 

Sounds convoluted for certain however traffic exchanges have been in operation since the invention of the internet and they work.  The system increases traffic to the websites that are connected with the exchange network.  Each exchange has their own rules and system and each exchange is member based.  Some focus on a specific niche industry and others are extremely broad in scope. 

Why would increasing traffic in this way help a business grow?

Traffic exchanges place your product or service in front of new prospects that you may not have attained by any other means.

Traffic exchanges give you the chance to see what other companies have to offer.  You can check out your competitors or find out about new and valuable products or services

Higher traffic helps build exposure, enhance a brand image, create a bigger opt in list, and profit

The way to find the ideal traffic exchange for your business.

There are actually several types of traffic exchange systems. 

Manual traffic exchanges mean that the user and member is expected to browse the site manually.  To click on sites and advertisements the member must actually click on something.  This is different from an automatic or autosurf site where members can click a button and the sites start scrolling.  People sitting and taking a look at the sites are about as likely as them sitting on the sofa and watching the commercials during American Idol.  Manual sites be certain that your site is in fact viewed.

Both are fine and basically have the same results. 


Combine a few, monitor your traffic and see if it’s worth it.  If it’s, if you realize that your traffic and sales growth, even when they only increase by 1 or 2 percentComputer Technology Articles, then it’s worth the effort and you have doubled your return on investment. 

Learn Mailchimp in Brisbane

Want to learn how to make and send effective marketing emails using Mailchimp? Learn from a Mailchimp listed training partner! See our webpage at Mailchimp.  Mailchimp makes marketing effective and easy. In just a few hours understand how to use Mailchimp, the most significant marketing platform, to engage your audience. Whether you are a total beginner or use Mailchimp, you'll find this course very valuable. You'll leave training understanding how to use Mailchimp to get great results from marketing. Notice: These are small classes so please reserve early to avoid missing out. Brands using our Mailchimp training Get the same training that these brands have enjoyed from Gary. This training is perfect for anyone that wants to understand how to use Mailchimp; small business owners, Not-for-Profit organisations, entrepreneurs for big organizations in addition to bloggers. During training we'll work through setting up Mailchimp correctly along with setting up your list, template and campaign. You’re free to work on your campaign in this workshop. Level: Basic and intermediate. Learn the following and more: Subscribers: Ways to get subscribers, who you will send to. Lists: Creating lists, when and how to use tags & segments, importing subscribers, understanding which subscribers are engaged with your own brand. Templates & Campaigns: Types of Campaigns, styling, mobile responsive, innovative use and adding content. Reports: Recognizing reports, understanding which content people are reading and determining the best order for your content. Spam & legal requirements: What can (and can't) be done, tricks to improve deliverability, cleaning lists. Landing pages and postcards: Create, design and publish a landing page or send a postcard. Bonus: Sharing your campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, Mailchimp Facebook Ad Campaigns feature. And much more… What you want to bring: A notebook (voluntary): Bring along your laptop if you'd like to so that you can practice what is learnt. Note: Central station is a brief walk and parking is available nearby (see FAQ below). They Say”Thank you so much for this informative training session. I left with so much more knowledge than I had anticipated and thanks to Gary's informative approachI’m full of ideas of how I can incorporate Mailchimp into making my businesses more efficient.” Cara, small business owner, Brisbane Get training by a Mailchimp assessed Expert We’re one of several organizations worldwide listed by Mailchimp as training Experts and Partners! Mailchimp have recently reviewed all people and organizations they list in their Expert directory (which resulted in many listed Experts being removed by Mailchimp). Being listed by Mailchimp as an Expert and Partner is a stringent process whereby applicants prove their understanding and supply customer references. Our class attendees advantage as we are kept updated, and encouraged, by Mailchimp which translates into better quality training for you. Please see our Mailchimp Experts entry. You could benefit also. Ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, advertising specialists in large organizations, not-for-profits and anybody else interested.   FAQs Do you supply personalised Mailchimp training at our premises? Yes. Gary delivers in-house training for at least four attendees. Please contact Gary for details. Is this class appropriate for beginners or more advanced users? Yes. This course is designed for Mailchimp beginners and those already using Mailchimp.  Yes. There are numerous short breaks and a longer lunch break. You may bring your own lunch or there are food outlets nearby. Parking is available near the venue. 310 Ann Street parking has an early bird special for $18 (see details on their website).   How do I contact the organizer with any questions? Yes. Please contact Gary with any questions.   What's the refund policy? Refunds will be given for cancellations at least seven days in advance of the event.   Do I have to bring my printed ticket into the event? No. This is a small class and so no published ticket is required.   Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable? Yes. If you'd want a colleague to attend in your place then please let Gary know.

Level 18, 333 Ann Street

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy Course (SkillsFuture Credit Eligible)

Why learn with Sky Digital Agency, YouTube video Small Class Training: Min. 4 and Max. 8 Participants.80% hands on training and activities, 20% concept. Time: 10am to 6pmTraining Venue: 6 Raffles Quay, #15-00, Singapore 048580 Course Fee: $420/pax (SkillsFuture Credit Eligible)Course Code on SkillsFuture Directory: CRS-N-0045617 As seats are limited, we recommend for participants to register 3 to 7 days in advance.To cover the course with your SkillsFuture Credits, email us at: Overview of Course Outline:• Define digital marketing sales funnel and understand the procedure • Role of electronic marketing apps and framework • Equip participants with electronic marketing strategy concept and best practices • Introduction to Facebook Marketing & its own best practices • Launching a Facebook Ad & Target Audience Settings • Introduction to MailChimp Landing Page for Lead Generation • Introduction to MailChimp’s automation, re-send/re-targeting features • Introduction to Google Analytics and it reports Learning outcome 1: Digital marketing for company • Define digital advertising • What is its function in a digital apps and framework • Overview of the electronic marketing procedure Learning outcome 2: A buyer’s travel on the online • A buyer’s travel on the internet • How these digital marketing platforms and apps have to be integrated to deal with a typical buyer’s travel on the internet Learning outcome 3: Introduction to Facebook Marketing & Advertising• How can your articles get more organic reach?  • Why paid advertisements are better than organic reach?  • Kinds of Facebook Posts/Ads you should focus on creating • Design a Facebook Advertisement in PowerPoint • Ad configurations in FB Page (Basic targeting) / Facebook Ad Manager (Advanced targeting)Learning outcome 4: Introduction to MailChimp Landing Page for Lead Generation• What’s MailChimp?  • What can you do with MailChimp?  • MailChimp Landing Page Design & Development • MailChimp Reports & Re-targeting/Segmenting FeaturesLearning outcome 5: Introduction to Google Analytics• Setup Google Analytics tracking code • Explore Google Analytics reports • Highlight important reports to note• Characteristics within Google Analytics • Top 10 SEO Strategies for website to be rated GoogleLearning outcome 6: Develop a strategic digital advertising and marketing strategy • Introduction to continuous optimization procedure • Map out your electronic marketing strategy for your businessFinal Action: Final Consultation and Q&A- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This workshop is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible. Who can apply? – Singaporeans aged 25 years and over. As of Jan 2016, every Singaporean (25 years old and over ) has $500 SkillsFuture Credits. No cash is needed, if you’ve got enough SkillsFuture Credits,  Course Code on SkillsFuture Directory: CRS-N-0045617 Email us at for payment instructions to pay us directly with your SkillsFuture Credits.Details we will need for SkillsFuture Credit participants: 1. Mobile: 4. Email: 5. Home Address:  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Charmaine is the Creative Director of Sky Digital Agency and The great Designers. She has been conducting training because 2015, equipping her customers in Facebook Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Email Marketing, along with other key digital marketing topics. Till date, she has conducted over 1,500 hours of training.Charmaine makes learning interactive, practical and fun. She loves breaking down complex topics to help participants gain better understanding on Facebook Marketing, SEO & SEM, Infographics Design and much more! She strongly believes that the coaching industry needs more classes and training with smaller group of participants that allows them a more conducive environment to learn, ask questions, and have more 1-to-1 time with the trainer.Follow @skydigitalagency on InstagramFollow @thegooddesigners on InstagramOther SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Courses beneath Sky Digital Agency ✓ Instagram Marketing & Advertising for Beginners (1 day)✓ Facebook Marketing Masterclass and ChatBots (1.5 times )✓ Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners (1 day)✓ Winning with an Integrated Content Marketing Strategy (1 day)✓ SEO Internet Marketing for Beginners (1 day)✓ Integrated Facebook Marketing for Dropshipping and E-commerce Owners (2 days) ✓ Integrated MailChimp Email Marketing for Dropshipping and E-commerce Owners (2 days) Note: We upgrade our classes every 4 to 6 months. Courses offered today, may not be offered 4 to 6 months later on, or could be updated under a new class name.For class enquiry, email Sky Digital Agency at workshops@skycrm.asiaConnect with us on: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Website – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – More reviews of our workshop are also available on our Facebook Review Page – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -FAQs 1. Who can I contact should I have questions?You may e-mail us at 2. Is there a minimum class size to move? Yes. We need a minimum class size of 3 people to proceed with the course. In the event that there are insufficient participants, we reserve the right to reschedule the course. Under such conditions, we will inform you no later than 3 working days before the event. 3. Where is the venue of the workshop? 6 Raffles Quay, #15-00, Singapore 048580Nearest MRT: Raffles Place, take exit “i”. The building 6 Raffles Quay is just beside Ascott at Raffles Place.Our office is beside Hong Leong Building, 3 mins walk from Download Line, Downtown Station, depart A. 4. I'm driving, where can I park?There is parking space at the building 6 Raffles Quay itself at $2.50 per 30 min block.Alternatively, you can park at Telok Ayer's Public Car Park.For weekend classes, we recommend our participants to park at SGX Centre, at $3 per entry. For Corporate Training Enquiries, please email us at on your needs, and we will be in contact with you within 2 working days.
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6 Raffles Quay, #15-00


Web Presence Boot Camp – March 19

Internet Presence Boot Camp – March 19

Building a website is only the first step in marketing your business on the internet. Many business owners mistakenly think a website is all you require. In reality you will need traffic! In this workshop you will learn the various sources of traffic and how to increase your internet presence (and traffic!) Through a combination of content, PPC Marketing, local business listings and basic SEO practices.   Specifically, you will learn: What local internet business directories to be in, including Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp and other local business directories. How Pay Per Click advertising works and its benefits vs. SEO (Google and Bing will be covered) The way you can leverage YouTube video advertisements to improve your web presence. What is display advertisements and targeting methods including Remarketing. Benefits and overview of Facebook Pay Per Click advertising. The value of consistency in message and brand and how to bring it all together. Tracking your web presence with Google Analytics and Google/Bing Webmaster tools. The importance of testimonials and how to receive them. Plus, how to manage negative reviews.   You will leave with a plan of where and how to market your business online and maximize the potential traffic to your business through both paid and unpaid advertising.   Presenter’s Bio  Paul Stevens is the Vice President of iGo Sales and Marketing, a firm specializing in bringing the best and most cost-effective technology and marketing practices collectively through a combination of web design, search engine optimization and search engine optimisation. Paul Stevens has an extensive background in Marketing and Sales, spanning over 20 years and more recently web design, SEO and SEM.   His solid background not only in traditional advertising but also in electronic marketing allows Paul to assist his customers bring together marketing and technology to make their advertising system drive sales. You can connect with Paul at                                                                    Thank you to our sponsors:    
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100 Queen Street West
M5H 2N2 Toronto

Kindersley man courts local dollars with shopping directory Site

Kindersley man courts local dollars with shopping directory website

Kindersley, Sask., has been feeling the impacts of a downturn in the oil industry for years. The food bank has seen more and more people flow through, picking up food for their households. Local businesses have also felt the pain of fewer dollars in the…
News story posted on 2019-03-02T01:46:00.0000000Z

How to Earn Backlinks for Your Site

How to Make Backlinks for Your Website

These might seem like small wins, but they add up! A lot of directory listings will allow you to create a list with a link to your website for free! Just make sure the directory is valid and relevant to your brand. The best way to spot…
News story published on 2019-03-12T12:30:00.0000000Z

Register Your Business on an Import Directory to Avail Profits


Import is a sort of worldwide trade activity in which a nation buys goods and services from the overseas countries. This sort of commerce activity is practiced between the dealers of different nations and doesn’t involve business within the boundaries of a nation. Coming to import directory, it is a place where all the prominent importers of this world are enrolled with their buy requirements and products. The directory helps the importers to communicate with the exporters directly and do real trade practices. As this is an age of advanced technology, where net plays a significant role, it is very necessary to perform trade practices as well with the assistance of internet. Though some companies are producing their own websites to market their products, but a site alone cannot so more. It is very necessary for those businesses to register themselves on any leading B2B portal, which provides them a much better platform to perform trade practices on an international level. These portals also help the new as well as old businesses to advertise their products and generate tremendous sales and profits. There are lots of small business web portals that are maintain import directory and giving a platform to the importers to secure better business. With the support of these directories, the exporters can find the importers that are looking for a specific product. Further, the importers can also post their buy requirements on a regular basis so that the suppliers can communicate them. The import directory also contain a lot of other important information such as the catalogue of different products and services that the importers are seeking to buy, record of commodities and supplies that are imported to further countries, quality of the goods favored by the people of the importing companies and a lot more. Apart from that, these directories also involve the advice regarding the most recent market trends. Moreover, the prices of the goods and commodities are also mentioned on these directories. So, if you are new in this business of export and import or looking for a terrific exposure on an international level, then register yourself now on any B2B trade portal site to avail maximum benefits.

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