How To Do Manual Directory Submission?


As simple as submitting your site to directories may sound, the
process is rather complex, at least more than you could think, and
it will be a time consuming task
In order to get started with this quite boring and time
consuming process, you’ll need to create a list of appropriate directories you can submit your site to.A short list is pretty
useless so you should definitely try to submit to 300 or more
directories to find the wanted result.Your web-site is probably about
products you sell or services you offer and will fit into specific
categories which are listed online directories also.
One of the things you’ll be looking for when selecting the
web directories is if the directory have a category that is suitable
for your service.If you don’t have any idea at all how to begin, type’directories’ in the bigger search engines, such as Google, see which
titles will come up and begin with these.Wikipedia also has a list of
general and specialist web directories.
It is important the web directories you pick are SEO
friendly.During your search for web directories you will come across
directories which aren’t SEO-friendly, needless to state they’re not worth your attention. Your primary target of the entire submission
process is to acquire valuable links in the conclusion which simply won’t happen if you pick out web directories which aren’t SEO-friendly. Also
check where the links are directed to, they should always go to your
site and if they don’t it is a redirect,they are redirects and they
are of no value to you.
Assuming you paid attention to each of the preceding steps, take
your list of selected directories as it’s time to begin the
process of manual directory submissions.We
already spoke about the importance of appropriate categories; submit
your site to directories which contain the correct category for your
product or service.

Next, a entry form will appear on your computer screen to satisfy your manual directory entry.
On every one of these submission forms, you’ll be asked to fill in a title,
a description, an URL and an email account, and occasionally some
additional details depending on the directory you are submitting
to.First you will study the guidelines of each directory as they have
their own criteria and if you don’t follow them, your entry will
be declined without any explanation by the editor of the directory.
There are many methods of payment for directories.Nothing comes
for free in this world and the same is true for great directories but you
have a couple of options to choose from.Submitting to paid directories
is one method of achieving the results. Free web directories normally have the option to make a payment to, but they aren’t suggested. How
many times you pay is totally up to you: you can subscribe monthly, pay
annually or pay the entire bill at once.Why you may want to pay for
the submissions, other than the fact that you will find a quick review,
is because of the position you’ll receive from the directory.While you can
as well go for free submissions, even though the reviewing time will be
longer, they are in fact free and you can do hundreds of these.
The form will ask you for a few more details.The titles to
begin with, keep it short and simple, but try to sum up the concept of
the web-site. If you struggle with the ideal length of your title; 45
characters is a fantastic average; over 55 characters is too long.The
URL section should be your homepage.Your web-site should be complete
before you can even think about submitting, which means that you should at least
have an up-and-running domain and substantial content.You can make certain to be rejected
The description field is not to promote your services and products but should describe in about 250 characters what
it is you do or sell.In your description you need to enter the same
key words as the ones you would expect your visitors to enter in when
they’re searching.
Each directory will ask you to enter a private name and an
email account, but don’t use a free email account.A hotmail or a gmail
account is not very professional and will in most cases be rejected by
web directories; ideally, you’ve got an email address that is related to
your site.
You need to be careful with automated submissions.To verify
that you are doing a manual entry, you’ll need to type in a code
which is to you in the shape.
The reciprocal URL is not the best option to choose, but if
you want it anyway this is how you get it.This is the Reciprocal URL.
If you chose the option’Regular Link with Reciprocal’ then you need to
copy and paste the link they give you to a location on your site, and then
copy your web-sites URL and paste it in the’shared URL’ field.
This entire process of submitting your site manually may seem time consuming and boring, but it’s well worth it if you want to
maintain your web-site at a professional way.As discussed before, the
fact that it can have a long time before you receive a review and the
different rules that are set by the different web-directories can make
it quite frustrating, especially once you find out that not all the directories will accept your submission.You could end up spending so
much time getting it right that you wonder why you started doing it in
the first place rather than hiring a professional manual directory submission service where well-trained people can submit your site for you.


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