The Way to Transfer your WordPress site into the Root Directory from a Subfolder

The Way to Transfer your WordPress Website from a Subfolder into the Root Directory

1. Backup your WordPress site.
To Learn More regarding the solutions as well as InMotion Hosting we supply see here:
-How to Recover WordPress Permalinks –

For further info, see our entire post – Moving your own WordPress from a subfolder to the root directory –
Learn to transfer a WordPress site from a sub-directory, to the file root. In my evaluation I moved a website from, to Below is a summary of the measures – Moving WordPress into the root directory:
3. Save your changes.
4. You might need to reset your own WordPress permalinks, if your website links aren’t working.
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50 thoughts on “The Way to Transfer your WordPress site into the Root Directory from a Subfolder

  1. Alec Prospereau Reply

    Hey, I just tried this method and when I try to go to my site it brought me to a 403 error page. what gives?

  2. Delbert Young Reply

    Great Job! I’d never done anything like this before in WordPress. I used Dreamweaver to create the site and wanted to change it to WordPress. I created my Home page and was ready to move it from the subfolder to the Root Directory. Needless to say, I was nervous. I followed your instructions step-by-step and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much. I then needed to update my permalinks. So I followed your instructions on that video you gave the link to and it worked perfectly also and it was so simple. Again, thank you. Now to change the remainder of the pages over… wish you had a quick way to do that!

  3. Adriel Ventura Reply

    Hello! First, thank you for the video! It helped a lot! After the move, I’m having problems to load my content, like images, icons etc. How can I fix that? Thank you.

  4. Sahir Kazi Reply

    very usefull to me

  5. Augusta Logo Reply

    thanks a lot i am very happy after removing wp from my website

  6. antónio Boavida Reply

    Worked perfectly, many thanks!

  7. Diwali Firecrackers Reply

    Thank you sir. Supperb Video For Me.

  8. Tonny Milfiger Reply

    now i cant also get in to my admin site… this is not good

  9. tredudon Reply

    after moving everything to the root folder i can correctly log into my wp admin dashboard at the new adress but the website doesnt appear at new address. i have copied all data 2-3 three times to check nothing was missed. what could that mean? problem with webhost settings?

  10. Leopilot Serdena Reply

    sir how to back login page

  11. MoudiSport Reply

    it’s very easy thanks

  12. Be Techy with Fun Reply

    Thanks a lot buddy. It helped me a lot… I was facing same problem and it fixed same in minutes…

  13. Douglas Crypto Reply

    I dont have puclic.html which other names this page can have ?

  14. Rekha Kalasare Reply

    very nice and very clear

  15. Tonny Milfiger Reply

    "Error establishing a database connection" this is the error i’m getting after doing so. since i got multisite wordpress not allow me to change shit. so it’s might have to do something with it

  16. ART HGO Reply

    I was excited about this video but once I did everything step by step, it ended up giving me this: "Error establishing a database connection: now none of my sites work. I had to re-store my back up but it really didn’t work :/

  17. dagvasuren lkhagvabadrakh Reply

    Very nice. thank you. Good luck

  18. Emmah Otim Reply

    5min magical, thanks

  19. Nurzhan Amantay Reply

    thank you very much!

  20. Global Village Reply

    Thank you so much bro

  21. Astori Arif Reply

    Thank You, you save my life.

  22. northern bay Reply

    I followed the steps exactly as shown but my site keep reverting back to /wp. I cleared cache, tried different browsers, checked domain name in phpmyadmin to make sure it doesn’t have /wp in the home or site url. I updated permalinks and fixed any menus with /wp at the end, updated installation details in softaculous but nothing has worked. I tried to get info from link given below but it is broken. Any ideas how i could solve this issue as I really would like to remove the /wp?

  23. Allin Incorporation Reply

    Hello – First thank for your video, Should I delete old directory Files after copying, do you think it effect on web contents or any of it page or post, ?

  24. Dan Reply

    Thanks, this was super simple
    And very straightforward. Worked like a charm!

  25. Steve Jones Reply

    Very good. Thank you.

  26. Rick Reply

    Hi, What if have an existing active domain, wordpress install in the root directory but I want my other domain name which is installed in a subdirectory to be in the root also. For example I have a domain in the root directory and I want my other domain installed in a subdirectory to be like . How can I achieve that. Is it possible for two or more domain to be at the root directory? Thanks

  27. Ali Hassan Reply

    i hade some previous web files and warning is shown on my web!along with my real website? what should i do now?please tell me

  28. Robert Wilson Reply

    This didn’t work for me. I called and they say i have to change things manually in some of the files through file manager. They weren’t helpful. Or change the url in the data base…does this make sense?

  29. temitope adebayo Reply

    wow, really good tutorial ….. thanks it worked like a gem

  30. Rohit Jakhu Reply

    after done this and i have upload a new content and where was the content saved in a old folder or in public folder where i copied the files???

  31. Gaynor Green Reply

    Thanks for the video! Worked…kind of. I had the same problem as several others have noted with existing images on site no longer loading. I corrected url in database for all instances but it still does not work.

  32. kislay kishore Reply

    I can’t find site address URL and WordPress address URL. Is their any other way to implement it.

  33. Unleash Your Voice Reply

    I tried this but it let my site revert back to the domain host page as well as login error 404. Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

  34. pedro vargas jr. Reply

    I performed all the steps and perfect. But I deleted the wordpress old and after that it gives me error.

  35. Bang Nguyen Reply

    It worked for me. Thank you so much!

  36. Samson Adeyemi Reply

    This method does not work all the time, it completely messed me up…had to trouble shoot severally…not nice at all

  37. Jack Fairhead Reply

    Hi thanks for the awesome simple instructions! If I currently have a website live in the public folder I should first move that to another subdirectory? When should I perform the 301 redirects? I am basically replacing an old small site with a larger new site. Thanks in advance!

  38. Shiv Shankar Kumar Reply

    Thank you … Thank you … so much. It is easy to do by your tutorial. And I did it.

  39. gs Virdi Reply

    The website is loading fine with those new copied files and folders. Now….. What about the old folder? Can it be deleted permanently?

  40. BdelaCAS Reply

    i tried to do this but during the copy, it said i had no more storage space. so then i tried to just cut and paste and everything went to shit more or less. i increased the storage on my WHM side and am doing a restore, nice call with the backup thing lol. so now that i have more room, will it work now?

  41. Asim Mehmood Reply

    Believe me Bro this is my third day of search to find solution of my problem. Only this video helped me. I am saving this video for future and also going to sub.

  42. Syed Fahad Reply

    after changing the directory, URL’s will be changes or not?

  43. Dreezy Doun Reply

    i lost my old website home page i cant get it back .. i need help !

  44. JIMBO8472 Reply

    thanks very helpful. 🙂

  45. Vincent Kimani Kariuki Reply

    Woow.. thank you sir.. it has helped me

  46. mystery 17 Reply

    why does my site show under construction and im unable to login to wordpress

  47. RK - Reply

    Hi, thanks for putting up such clear instructions.
    Before I move the new WP website from sub-directory to the root directory which contains an existing WP website, how do I delete the files of the existing website from the root directory?

    What files of the existing website to delete, or better still, how to do a clean deletion of the existing website before moving the new website to the root directory?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance!

  48. zoll monzir Reply

    my website still showing old website? why? I already follow you step by step..

  49. Paul Saunders Reply

    I wished I saw this before i broke my WordPress site and had to get the domain rebuilt! Brilliant video

  50. Nash Immersive, Inc. Reply

    Spot on, Thanks

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