WordPress Website Tutorial – Adding a Listing

WordPress Website Tutorial – Adding a List in a Directory

Welcome to another JC Sweet Tutorial, now we’ll be showing you how to add a listing to your WordPress Website’s Directory.

To start, log on to the back of your WordPress site. This can be done by typing in your url with /wp-admin in the end of it (Example.com/wp-admin).

When on the main menu look to the left hand side, in WordPress. A list of plugins and menus will be featured. Find the one which has a bookshelf and states directory.

From here, click add listing. Keep in mind that feel and the look of this directory will change depending on how your developer has set up your plugin.

Add all if you have customers, I recommend having them send their information to you and keeping it in an excel file for fast access.
Once adding the information all you need to a listing publish. You may then click”Add new listing” to continue adding listings until your directory is assembled.

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